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Useful tips to make you enjoy your trip to London

The Big Smoke is the town of opportunities. The British capital presents a great variety of variations for your leisure-time activities. Regardless of whether you want to explore its picturesque and imposing architecture, get to know its rich history and manifold culture, meet friends or just move into a bigger city, you will always need a place to stay. If you plan to stay for a short term, it is better to look for a 1 bed apartment to rent or even a one bedroom house.

Cultural and historical heart of London

It is a fact that if you come to the capital as a tourist, the best option would be a city centre, with all the sightseeing attractions, museums, theatres, galleries, restaurants, and shops located within touching distance. Central London includes Westminster, Islington, the City, Holborn, Chelsea, Southwark, Lambeth, Shoreditch, Marylebone, St. Pancras and parts of Camden. Central London has a plentiful variety of options for people with a meagre budget as well as for the people, who get used to living in a grand style. The most popular Central London attractions are Tower of London, Tower Bridge Exhibition, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Museum of London. If you are interested in details of British history and culture, the Museum of London is certainly worth visiting. Visit the Barbican Centre for the entertainment – it includes a concert hall, two theatres, three cinemas, two art galleries, a library, two trade exhibition halls, shops and a conservatory. When looking to rent a one bedroom flat in London, people usually seek for the tenancy near popular restaurants, cafes or bars. The best public places near which you may find a 1 bedroom apartment for rent are City Social, London Cocktail Club and Blacklock City.

How to get around London

In addition, another big advantage of searching a 1 bed property to rent in Central London is a convenient transport junction. London has one of the largest urban transport networks in the world. Public transport in London includes London double-decker buses, the world's oldest tube, Docklands Light Railway, etc. In London, you can also commute via a traditional black cab as well as using the services of the National Rail Enquiries, several shipping companies on the River Thames. Red double-decker buses offer the fastest and the most convenient way to get around the town. You have to purchase the ticket before the trip - either a travel card or a one-time ticket. There are no fare inspectors in buses and drivers no longer sell tickets when boarding. If you are planning to use a public transport permanently, the Oyster Card would save you a lot of time. It is much easier to refill it once with a credit card than buy a one-time ticket every time.

Where to start a search

The most reliable service you can get while searching for a one bedroom apartment for rent in London is a service of a real estate agent. An estate agent can help you determine the criteria for your search and deal with landlords to be sure that you get the best tenancy. Another way to find a property is to ask friends, colleagues, relatives and any reliable people you know. If it is not possible, the best sources to search tenancy in a certain area are magazines and newspapers. Usually, there are many decent offers available, so you should not hesitate and contact the property owner immediately in order not to miss the desirable option. As soon as you find the perfect property for living and arrange everything, it is time to move in and enjoy all the infinite opportunities London offers.