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Nowadays, people go to the capital and largest city of England for many reasons: to find a reputable job, to receive a high-quality education, or simply to spend the weekend there. If you are looking for a place to stay, the Big Smoke offers numerous options for everybody, be it a holiday house or loft apartment, private or commercial real estate, luxury or studio apartments for short- or long-term rent. It has always been a popular and attractive city for both UK residents and foreigners. That is why the demand for housing is high now, especially for a flat in Central London as well as in Cambridge in East London.

The majority of attractions of the ancient city is located in its central part.


Main Attractions in the Big Smoke:


• Tower Bridge;

• Big Ben;

• Houses of Parliament;

• Buckingham Palace;

• Trafalgar Square;

• St Paul's Cathedral;

• British Museum.

It is important to know that wherever you want to rent a flat – in Central, North, South, West, or East London – as a rule, real estate in Great Britain is rented via real estate agencies. Sometimes, landlords do not even meet their tenants during the whole tenancy period. Instead, landlords pay agents to deal with tenants on their behalf.

However, if you want to rent an apartment in Central London, you should search for it in advance due to a high demand.

An interesting fact: real estate prices are constantly growing not only in the centre but also in other parts of the capital. Rent rates depend on the location. Thus, if you are determined to rent a flat exactly in the centre, you should be aware of high rent rates. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find affordable houses and cheap apartments.


General Stages of Residential Property Rent:


• finding a property;

• choosing an agent;

• arranging a viewing;

• receiving an offer;

• accepting an offer;

• credit and reference check;

• deposit payment;

• carrying out an inventory check;

• signing a tenancy agreement.


A Procedure of Cooperation Between Landlord and Agent:


• Real estate search on the web and social media.

• Communication with a real estate agency concerning certain houses or flats.

• Viewing. If potential tenants like a particular property, an offer is made to the landlord.

• A real estate agent informs the landlord about the offer.

• Once the landlord accepts the offer, an agent informs potential tenants about it. They must confirm in a written form that they are ready for cooperation.

• Next, future tenants pay a deposit, and the property is delisted. A deposit also serves as a safety net if the tenants damage the property or refuse to pay rent in the future. This matter is covered below.

• An agent gathers the documents and information necessary to sign a tenancy agreement:

  1. ID data of the potential tenants;
  2. Documents that prove employment and a certain level of wages. If the tenant is a student or an unemployed person, they can use the services of the UK Guarantor responsible for the tenant. In addition, the UK Guarantor covers the rent if a tenant cannot pay it;
  3. Information for contact after the end of the tenancy.

• A client signs a tenancy agreement that should contain the following:

  1. Rental period. Do not forget to include the “break clause” in your agreement, which will allow you to avoid fees if you decide to terminate the agreement;
  2. Number of persons who will live in a property;
  3. Specify whether you need furniture or not. Possible options: unfurnished, partially furnished, or fully furnished (a serviced apartment);
  4. Terms of notification of early agreement termination.

• On the day of moving in, a real estate agent receives photos of the property. The inventory must correspond to the provided photos. If there are any damages to a property, they must be documented.

• If necessary, a real estate agent explains to tenants how to pay utility bills. However, it should be specified in the agreement who pays those bills – a tenant or landlord.

However, the procedure of commercial property rent differs and has its own specifics.

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