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Short rent in London

Short term accommodation in London

Nowadays, short term rentals are quite popular in Great Britain and especially London. With all its parks, museums, and markets, the British capital offers a wide range of activities. In the City, you will find a lot of famous shops and restaurants with exquisite food, while in Windsor or Greenwich you will easily be able to enjoy the feeling of London’s countryside. When visiting this beautiful, bustling city, many people prefer renting short stay apartments rather than staying at a hotel or a motel. Indeed, short term accommodation is a cost-efficient and convenient option. If you are looking to rent a short let studio flat or a furnished apartment only for a few days or weeks, this might be the solution you are looking for.

Short term stay in London: advantages and benefits

First, short rentals boast a high degree of flexibility. You can stay there from a few days to a few weeks and extend your tenancy on a weekly or monthly basis. Allowing flexibility when choosing length of tenancy or a property type and extending your stay whenever it is convenient for you, short let apartments offer more personal experience when compared to hotels. Holiday apartments are much more cost-effective than hotels allowing you to spend less on laundry services, food, and other things that hotels do not include. If you are working away from the office for an extended duration, addition of a private kitchen and a living room is a significant benefit offering all the necessary conditions for comfortable work and rest. Therefore, if you do not have specific plans or you are interested in renting a place to stay for a not very long period, consider short let flats in London. Second, London’s real estate market offers a great variety if you are looking for short stay properties. You can find plenty of properties that suit your needs and preferences, from short stay apartments in Central London to luxury houses in Kensington. Generally, apartments are serviced and therefore you get all the necessary appliances. There is nothing more enjoyable than having enough space to relax. An ability to live as if you are at home when you are miles away makes everything easier. Finally, such apartments give you more space and privacy providing a “home away from home” feel. You can have a rest wherever and whenever you want, and there is no need to share your breakfast or dinner with other people. Therefore, you get an opportunity to live in the comfort of your own temporary, furnished home, with a kitchen and a bathroom. Renting a two or three-bedroom apartment provides more space for a group or family than a hotel room, giving more freedom to those sharing the space.

Renting with Ready Property

Our experts at Ready Property provide exceptional real estate services in London offering tenants flexibility, convenience, and privacy. With a years-long experience in this field, our team will help you avoid or overcome various pitfalls in the real estate market. We will also share with you all the information on the city, including transport, ways to spend your leisure time, etc. If you are planning to spend some time in London, we are ready to provide you with the best properties under the best terms and conditions. Contact us for more information, and our professional agent will offer you the best options available in London’s real estate market.