Selling Your Property Is Easy with Us

We manage everything on your behalf from the very beginning.

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Selling Your Property Is Easy with Us

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We offer an all-in-one approach to selling your property, providing you with experienced agents, exclusive buyers, and direct access to the services you need to get the best price for your house or flat.

That is why selling is different with us – our partnering construction agencies can carry out repairs while our recommended solicitors draw up the contracts.

We manage everything on your behalf from the very beginning.

Read Our Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your House or Flat with Ready Property

1. Free Valuation

Find out how much is your property worth with a free, no obligation appraisal by our market experts.

2. Marketing Your Property

Using the leading UK real estate websites and having a large database of international clients, we find the right buyers for your property.

3. Strategy Consulting

Keep in touch with experienced real estate agents to explore your selling options: a time frame, a price bracket, arrangements for viewings, and planning of any repairs that need to be carried out before the sale.

4. Managing Offers

After verifying the offer and buyer’s ability to proceed, we handle all negotiations, prepare a memorandum of sale, and begin work on exchanging the contracts.

5. Legal Guidance

We know about the importance of dealing with a reliable solicitor when selling your property.

6. Closing the Deal

When a buyer fully complies with all the requirements and pays a deposit, a date is set for the final payment. Afterwards, Ready Property is there to release the keys to the new owners – your property is sold!

Sellers’ Fees:

Ready Property is about choosing the right service for you. That’s why we offer a range of options, encompassing everything from listing your property to carrying out repairs before the sale.

  • Sole agency: 1% (of sale value) + VAT
  • Multiple agency: 1.5% (of sale value) + VAT

Other Optional Fees:

See below for a sample list of optional fees and services. Please, contact us for a quote for any additional arrangements.

  • Energy Performance Certificate: £75
  • Property Floor Plan: £65

All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated.

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Sell Your Property

Selling a Property Fast Is Not a Good Decision

Usually, people want to sell their property not only at a high price but also as fast as possible. In the majority of cases, it is just a whim. However, sometimes there can be a serious reason for that, such as financial problems, health or relationship issues, etc.

Nowadays, companies promise to sell a house fast. Such companies usually buy houses directly at prices substantially lower than their real market value. It is not seldom that they reduce a price at the very last moment taking advantage of a person’s complicated financial situation.

Another widespread complaint about quick sale companies is that they can deliberately conduct a house valuation, immensely unfavourable for a seller.

In addition, a contract with such a company may include clauses that deprive you of the right to sell your property to someone else offering a better deal.

Proper Approach to Dealing with a Quick Sale Company

If, after all, you decide to deal with a quick sale company, you can at least try doing it in a considerably safer way:

• Review the contract you are going to sign very attentively and check for any hidden fees and unfavourable conditions that, for instance, can affect a property price;

• Find out who and how exactly is going to buy your property and whether buyers can prove their paying capacity;

• Find out who is assessing the market value of a property as well as valuation criteria.

Another Option

A more reliable alternative would be to contact a professional real estate agency. For example, if your property is located in London, Ready Property can provide you with professional assistance in selling it.

Regardless of the chosen real estate company, it is important to understand that a real estate agent can also sell your house quickly, and you will not have to set a low price as in the case with a quick sale company.

In general, selling a house via a real estate agency proceeds in the following way:

• Selecting a real estate agency

• Valuation and marketing of your property

• Arrangement of a viewing

• Getting an offer

• Acceptance of an offer

• Exchange of contracts

• Conveyancing

• Completion

We want to conclude that selling a house fast is not always a good idea. We strongly believe that the best way to sell a house – in particular, in London – is by dealing with a professional real estate company like Ready Property.