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2 Bedroom Flats to Rent

Looking for a 2 bedroom flat in London?

Many people consider London a big, bustling city, while others regard it as a lonely place with quiet villages and rural areas. At any rate, London is so multifarious that both opinions are true. At first, it may seem impossible but London has various areas that meet different expectations. Nowadays, many people in their mid-30s want to settle down in London. Usually, these people have already built a successful career, thus eager to start a family and enjoy living a peaceful life. They do not pay much attention to low rental prices since the primary thing they are interested in is quality and comfort. Mostly, they are searching for a 2 bed house to rent in London’s suburban areas.

West London

The most popular suburban area for middle-class families is considered to be Fulham but it starts to pick up steam among young professionals on top of their corporate ladder and able to rent a two bedroom flat in London’s centre. With its low-rise Victorian houses and proximity to King’s Road and Chelsea, it is a very convenient option for residents of West London. The best location is around Parsons Green tube station. Popular with foreigners, especially Australians, New Zealanders and South African, Putney is just south of Fulham over the river. Putney offers some great pubs, cafes and restaurants that are indeed worth visiting. Although it is quite far from Central London, the most favourable place to look for a 2 bedroom house to rent in London for a family with children would be the leafy suburb of Chiswick, a very affluent and popular suburb for expats, with excellent schools, convenient transport links as well as plenty of great pubs and restaurants.

North London

North London can offer great options for families both with children and without them. Hampstead Heath is one of the most picturesque, affluent and leafy areas of London. One will find this area great for families due to large open spaces and its short distance to some of the city’s best schools. In summer, kids can take advantage of Hampstead Heath’s huge outdoor swimming ponds. Property in Hampstead Heath is in high demand and properties for rent confirm it. The area boasts a fantastic selection of top-quality restaurants and fashionable boutiques and gastropubs. People with a limited budget might want to consider the areas further away from the centre of London, such as Wembley, where rentals tend to be more reasonable. It is an ethnically diverse suburb of London. In Webley, you will always find supermarkets, shops and restaurants that can suit all tastes and budgets. If you want to move with your family in a search of 2 bed property to rent in London, you will need to consider areas further away from the central business district. It is more likely that there you will find a spacious property with a garden at an affordable price there. Rental prices usually get considerably cheaper (whereas properties offered are much more spacious) once you move away from the city centre. Dealing directly with a private landlord will save you some money but it may be more stressful and time-consuming. Therefore, to make your life easier, it is rational to hire a reliable real estate agent who is able to find a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in London at the best price and with amenities that would meet your expectations, be it in South London or East London.