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Houses to Rent in London

What it takes to rent a property in a metropolis

When intending to live in a big capital like London, people may face certain obstacles. It is important to understand whether it is bearable to live in the Big Smoke with its diverse culture. On the one hand, it seems easy to refresh your lifestyle according to a new place’s rules and tune yourself to the life in a new place. However, if you have never lived in such a frenetic town like London, it may be bewildering. So, probably, you would need a help in finding the best residence to rent.

Define the criteria to choose a house

First, you should make a list of essential points that will simplify your search. Think of your budget, a preferable area, transport selection, local facilities, a security level and the distance between your future home and the usual places of destination.

Find out about London areas and medium rental prices

London areas and rental prices are interconnected. For this reason, we prepared a list of medium rental prices, taking into consideration the highest and the lowest value, according to the relevant information from If you are interested in renting a detached house with 5 bedrooms in Central London, it may cost you £3,250 per week. The lowest rental price in East London reaches £561 for a house with 4 bedrooms pw. You can find similar prices in North London. In this part of the capital, the average price of a house with 3 bedrooms may reach £574 pw. In South London, a medium rental price rises to £625 for a terraced house with 4 bedrooms pw. The highest average price on renting a house can be found in West London, the richest part of the Big Smoke. Thereupon, a house with 3 bedrooms will cost you £788 pw. When considering a location of your future home, pay attention to commuting options. In fact, London has an extensive public transport system that includes trains, buses and the Underground. If you constantly use public transport, it would be convenient to buy an Oyster Card. It is designed to reduce the number of transactions at ticket offices as well as the number of paper tickets.

Find a safe and trusted source to search the rental list

Since scammers are widespread nowadays, many people do not trust websites. In addition, there are many scammers, who want to foist their prettified tenancies, which, in fact, they do not own, on potential tenants. People might think they are saving money by looking for a house on their own, but then they can be caught up in scammers’ affair and lose more money they expected. With this in mind, you should think twice before renting a cheap and fine house. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a wonderful house with all amenities that meets your desirable criteria at a decent price and, what is the most important, with deposit protection. You better deal only with a professional real estate agent. While looking for a real estate agent, you should always pay attention to the fact whether the agent is a member of a professional trade body. Finding an experienced property agent is not difficult, as there are plenty of trusted agencies on the Internet. You may also ask friends or colleagues for recommendations. Real estate agents will look for a residence according to your criteria. As soon as you are satisfied with the offer, it is time to sign a tenancy agreement and move in.

Signing a tenancy agreement

The most important part of renting a house is signing a contract with a property owner. You should read the agreement attentively, considering all the details, and ask any questions to be sure that every clause of the contract is understood. Here you can find frequently asked questions potential tenants usually ask a property owner: - How long is a tenancy period? - How can my deposit be protected? - When can I move in? - Does the price include utility bills? You should receive a rational and clear reply from a property owner. In case a landlord tries to wriggle out of responsibilities, it would not end well for the tenant. After discussing all the issues concerning the price and housing conveniences, once the future tenant is satisfied with the result, it is high time to pack your stuff and move in.