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Looking for student flats in London?

As time goes on, London’s real estate market becomes radiant due to the seasonal rise of the demand. Many landlords keep increasing rental prices as they know for sure that tenants will come to them. One of the reasons for this is a high percentage of youth that comes to the United Kingdom to study. Within this framework, letting agents, as well as real estate agencies, make considerable efforts to survive in the market full of competitors. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to find decent student flats and student houses to rent at reasonable prices. Considering the above, we want to figure out whether it is actually possible for an average student to rent an affordable apartment in the British capital, be it North London or East London.

After analysing the real estate market, we drew a conclusion that private student accommodation is at the top of the list. It has a lot in common with university or college residence, even though it may be a more preferable alternative. These homes were built in such a way that there is a bathroom in every residential room, however a kitchen usually tends to be of general use. This type of student lets becomes more and more popular since it is a decent flat based mostly in Central London or in close proximity to educational institutions we are talking about.

Another type of property for students is a residence provided by a university. It goes upscale among international students because not only does it boast the perfect location but also it is quite affordable. The only way to apply for this kind of property is to contact the educational institution directly. According to, a standard room will cost you £135 – £210 per week. Whereas, student studio flats are slightly higher in price. Thus, you will have to pay £240 – £390 per week for a student studio in London.

On the other hand, you can also find international student accommodation in Central London that is ridiculously overpriced. Not many international undergraduates are ready to pay over £555 weekly for luxury student accommodation in London. These student flats provide extravagant lobbies and built-in house screens with many modern appliances most students will never use. A home like that does not match the average student’s way of life. Besides, we know where to find the best student accommodation in the Big Smoke at an acceptable price.

Forget about the pricey monthly rent and impractical lease for a year. Ready Property can offer many student-friendly property options to both local and international undergraduates. Renting a home has always been the best option, however unstable prices usually make you wait for fat days. Now, you can rent a flat for an academic term without paying for extra months that you will probably spend at home with your family. Moreover, in addition to rental services for a period of seven months, we also provide a full pack of additional services. We take responsibility for doing all the paperwork and handling all the documents. To get started, just contact our manager and choose your ideal home on our website.