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3 Bedroom Flats to Rent in London

How to choose an ideal part of London for living

London is a vast, thickly populated metropolis with property options that suit everyone’s budget, preferences and style of life. While Great Britain is no longer among the world's most expensive countries for immigrants, the cost of an average property remains high in the UK's capital. Whether you are a banker, an artist, a writer, a salesperson, a lawyer or a personal trainer, London is a hub for every profession, religion and orientation, regardless of your home country, interests and job. Therefore, you are sure to find the perfect area for you. The Big Smoke is the town of opportunities, majestic history and cultural diversity. Moreover, you do not have to confine a property search to the capital's central areas. If you give suburbs or commuter towns some serious thought, these London’s areas would not come through. In addition, if you are on a budget, you should think about commuting, nearby amenities and the kind of property you would like to live in when choosing an area or a suburb of London. People are searching for a 3 bedroom property to rent in London, however it remains not that popular. Usually, it is convenient for large families or people who do not mind living with neighbours.

East London

Over the past few years, Shoreditch and Hoxton have gained momentum and became one of the trendiest parts of London. They are popular among young professionals due to the area’s entertainment facilities and void of prejudice. Earlier, this part of the city was popular among Asian immigrants. Nowadays, you still can meet them in shops and restaurants. These areas are popular among the arty crowd and many of London’s new media companies have their offices based here. It is more likely you will find a 3 bedroom apartment for rent in Leyton and Stratford at a more reasonable price than anywhere else. Leyton and Stratford have seen a lot of investment and a huge modification because of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The area has seen a growth for available properties too.

South London

When it comes to a 3-bed property to rent, you can find a form of tenancy that suits everyone’s needs, tastes and budget somewhere in Wimbledon. Wimbledon offers every kind of accommodation from custom-built mansions and penthouses in Wimbledon Village to council tower blocks in South Wimbledon. Nevertheless, small apartments in this area are popular while remaining affordable.

North London

The easy way to find a 3 bedroom house to rent in London is to look for it in Camden. Formerly, Camden was considered Badlands, but after the massive reconstruction, it became a desirable area to live in. In Camden, there are plenty of old terraced houses, each with its own design and décor, as well as newer council properties, many of which belong to private individuals. Camden offers various entertainment services and art spaces. The area is overfilled with bars, restaurants, clubs, galleries, libraries and concert halls. Camden is famous for its impactful music scene. It is common to see long queues outside music venues, even on a weeknight. Camden is considered a shopping heaven – there are many bargains at Camden Market and the area is full of vintage fashion boutiques. You will be able to find the best place only in case you have travelled around the city on your own to figure out in advance the proximity to usual places of destination, nearby supermarkets and the type of accommodation. The next step would be dealing with a landlord or an estate agent to rent a desirable property.