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Choosing the best part of London to live in

Something that everyone should know about London is that it is a gigantic place. It is around 2,000 years old, there are 32 boroughs and nearly 8 million inhabitants that speak 300 languages. It is obligatory to mention that the busiest airport in the world is located here at Heathrow as well as the oldest underground system. Still, many people dream about living here and many of them make their dreams come true. Moving to London may be challenging, however it is well worth the effort in most of the cases. The first question you may have on your way to the Big Smoke is how to buy a house in London. If you are not familiar with the town, you may face certain problems with finding the best place to buy a house in London.

Central London

Once an unfortunate district and a bandit paradise, currently Soho is considered one of the best areas in London due to its stunning modern bars, restaurants and shops. The times when this district used to be Badlands are long gone and now they have been replaced by a trendy, arty culture. This option would suit people who want to be right in the centre of the action. In search of houses to buy in Central London, one should pay attention to The City, the oldest area of London. It is thick with the law, finance and insurance firms, which make this part of the capital overcrowded on working days and totally deserted on weekends. Meanwhile, it is the habitat of recognisable modern buildings such as the Gherkin but to the same extent home to historic London landmarks.

North London

Camden is considered a cultural and cosmopolitan mix. There are many beautiful and expensive houses that belonged to famous writers and artists. A short walk up the road will give you a great opportunity to embrace the urban-rural area at Kentish Town City Farm. In July and August, you can enjoy a trip to the sandy seashore at Camden Beach that makes this area more attractive especially for tourists in summer. Hampstead is one of the most attractive and affluent areas with many houses to buy in North London. Due to its calmness and peacefulness as well as its convenient transport junction, many people desire to live here. You can easily get to the city centre via tube in less than ten minutes.

East London

Sometimes, people who are talking about East London are describing Shoreditch. Shoreditch is a heart of creativity. Many fashion companies, as well as media and photography agencies, are based here. It is also full of extraordinary public places: restaurants, stylish bars, fancy vintage boutiques, etc. Here is a life hack for vintage fans — you will find a huge Beyond Retro warehouse on Cheshire Street, the perfect place to witness something unique. It used to be a cheap area with low rental prices, however the increasing popularity leads to high price run-up that makes many residents change their location to a more affordable one. If you can afford it, it may become a decent place to live in for artistic people. Before starting to look for houses to buy in East London, you may climb up the roof of Queen of Hoxton for a stunning view and a drink. Here, you can find special events too, so it is useful to check all the upcoming arrangements. It would be much easier to figure out the best place to buy a house in London, only if you have searched the capital for houses to buy. You should pay attention to the search itself and look through newspapers and magazines or check available listings on real estate websites.