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Things to do when you buy a London property

Buying a property in the Big Smoke might cause stress and headache if you have never done it before. Even an experienced buyer would get lost in all the offers and opportunities London offers. As the prices get higher in the most popular places of London, it becomes more difficult to find something at a reasonable price. Renting and buying have something in common — a long search process, fruitless viewings and annoying paperwork. The only thing that differs is a sum of money you are willing to pay. Obviously, buying a property is much more costly. Before buying a property, you only should be aware of simple rules to be sure you are on the right way to become a property owner.

Organise a budget

The wisest first step to start the search is to arrange your budget. Declaring a budget beforehand will make your search easier. One way or another, the most popular property people are looking for is a one bedroom flat to buy in London. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to find a decent home at an affordable price. Nevertheless, the price of a flat depends on its size. It is convenient for large families or students to live in a 3 or 4 bedroom flat, however it is rather pricey for singles. Therefore, buying a one bedroom flat in London seems like a real bargain.

Where to live

London offers a massive variety of opportunities, from terraced detached houses to new-built modern buildings. It is better to avoid all the stereotypical ideas about any kind of London property because you never know where you will leave eventually. Give a chance to Central London — it may be cosier than you may think. It is also advisable to pay more attention to the property’s features and amenities, to check everything attentively during viewings and listen to the surveyor’s report. When looking for a 1 bed flat to buy in London, you should think outside the box and search for a property that other potential buyers might consider less desirable. People usually avoid bustling areas like The City but living in a building with shops or bars nearby may save a lot of money in the long run. For sure, such locations have another advantage which is a comfortable transport link. In Central London, it is easier to get around the city by bus or tube. What is more important, bus and tube stations are always within a short walking distance here.

Search the list

Magazines and newspapers can be a good way to find a 1 bedroom flat to buy in London. If you want to buy a 1 bedroom flat in London, it is worth looking through all the options. Thus, even if the dream flat you have been considering is not available anymore, there is a chance to find a similar housing option in the chosen location. Although London flats are expensive, they remain titbits. If you have already chosen several options, you should not doubt and contact a landlord or estate agent promptly. There is another question on the agenda – should you deal directly with a landlord or contact a real estate agent? The landlord would prettify the property and describe it in the most beneficial way. A real estate agent will show you properties that meet your expectations but at a fancy price. Thus, you had better keep your eyes open no matter with whom you deal.