Category : Buy Published : 16.09.2019

Are you prepared for a viewing? Here’s how.

When it comes to selling your house, the viewing is like a high state visit. You need your home ready, because this visit is about clinching that all important sale.

Below, you can find some helpful tips to speed you through the preparation for these high-profile visits.

Clear spaces

First impressions are crucial, so be sure to give the whole house a thorough ‘sweep’ before your viewer arrives, removing all non-essential items that might distract the viewer.

It is important that your viewer has the opportunity to envision themselves living in your home. Short on time? Grab a laundry basket as you tour the house, placing errant items in there. Stash the basket in your car until after the viewing.

Keep kids and pets off premises

You love your kids, you love your dogs, cats, and so forth. The trouble is, your viewer may not.

Ensure that when it comes to viewing, children and pets are kept off premises. Similarly, your attention should be entirely focussed on answering your viewer’s questions, not on your child’s questions.

As with other clutter, remove any pet bedding, where possible, for the duration of the visit. Don’t forget to look at your pets’ favourite corners to check for recent hair deposits and you’re good to go.

Selective cleaning

With only fifteen minutes to go before the viewing, we aren’t suggesting you do a deep clean of the home. Quite the opposite; the last thing your viewer needs is a nose full of ammonia as they step through the front door.

It is important, however, to ensure that any surfaces they are likely to touch are clean and crumb-free. A quick wipe down of the kitchen worktops will suffice. Check mirrors and windows for smudges, as well as run a damp duster over televisions and computer screens.

Neutral appeal

Falling in love with a home is a full-sensory experience. And just like any first date, it’s important not to over-face the viewer with too much fragrance. So, open a few windows to let the fresh air in. This is particularly important in spare bedrooms and lesser-used rooms which can sometimes accrue a stale smell.

If you have stronger odours you need to combat, then consider spraying your fabric sofas, carpets or curtains with a mixture of water and a few drops of fabric softener or pop a tumble drier sheet on a radiator and let the gentle scent suffuse the air.

Avoid stronger invasive perfumes such as incense or aromatherapy candles. Neutral and clean is far more appealing.

Attention to the light

No matter the time of year, create a sense of cosiness in your home by flicking on the lamps in every room. Again, pay attention to neglected spaces such as studies and guest bedrooms.

Keep a sense of symmetry in your bedroom by lighting both bedside lamps. As well as making your home appear bright, switching on lights helps to make your rooms feel both larger and warmer.

Now that the house is ready, play some soft music at low volume and spare a minute to check your own appearance in the mirror. You look great! And so does your home.