Category : Rent Published : 15.08.2019

Five Budget-Friendly Areas to Rent as International Student In London

Every year, some 430 thousand international students from all over the world attend over 40 higher education institutions in London and, if you are one of them, you will definitely need a place to stay! Unfortunately, the cost of renting a home in London is rising all the time and this summer it has turned the highest in Europe. Still, there are some really good housing options with moderate rental prices, as well as easy commuting to Central London and the biggest universities.

Here are 5 of the budget-friendly areas for student housing


Deptford is situated in south-east London, an area uniquely known for its dockyard. It has a strong student presence and is known as a creative hub for many different types of artist. Average rent price for a room here is £530 per calendar month (pcm). The journey time to Central London is only 20 minutes.

Closest universities: Goldsmiths and Greenwich


Stratford has gone under much redevelopment over the last ten years. Because of this regeneration, rent is £500pcm, but the journey time into Central London is only 17 minute!

Closest universities: Queen Mary and East London


Woolwich is a highly popular area for students to rent because of its location, and probably the lowest average cost of renting a room (£400 pcm). It takes some 30 minutes to reach Central London from Woolwich and London's newest train line - the Queen Elizabeth Line - will soon be opening a station here to make commuting even easier.

Closest universities: Ravensbourne and East London


Streatham is popular with art students, whilst also being home to many models, actors and authors in this uniquely trendy suburb. Because of the price of fame, rent is a little more expensive at £600pcm.

Closest universities: St George's and Goldsmiths


A suburban area in east London, with the average cost of renting a room £480pcm, while the journey time into London is 25 minutes. Leytonstone provides something different to Woolwich and Deptford, with Epping Forest allowing you to escape the noise of city life.

Closest universities: Queen Mary and East London

Please note, that late August and September are normally marked with the increase  rental rates, and finding good-quality housing in London in the desired areas can be quite complicated due to its shortage.

Points to note while renting a home

· Rents must be agreed before the contract is signed since this is a binding agreement. Remember you can negotiate with the agent/landlord over rents and opt out clauses. If you are not happy with the agent's/landlord's suggestions.

· You cannot give notice during the period of the contract if there is no clause providing for this (generally known as a ‘break clause’) in your agreement. If you leave before the end of the fixed term then you (or your housemates) remain liable for the remaining rent.
However, your landlord may sometimes be willing to allow you to end your tenancy early if you can find new tenants to take your place and provided you pay any referencing and other costs he may incur.

  • Always try to get your contract checked; the Students Union Advice Centre/Accommodation Office or Citizen's Advice will be able to check your contract.
  • Landlords must comply with relevant legislation on notice to Quit, possession notices and Termination of Tenancies. Notices to Quit (which cannot be used for assured shorthold tenancies) and section 8 notices must contain prescribed information and there are also strict rules about the content required for section 21 notices. A Landlord cannot simply evict a tenant without a Court Order and this will only be granted on certain grounds.