Category : News Published : 05.07.2019

Buy a Smoker’s House at a Reduced Price Only

When it comes to showing a house to potential buyers, some factors could make it harder to sell and could decrease its value. A strong smoking smell is one of them. Recent surveys show, that a house sold by a smoker can lower the price of a home by some 30 per cent!

Why? This huge price reduction has grounds. A recent study examined whether thirdhand smoke (THS) persists in smokers’ homes after they move out and nonsmokers move in, and whether new nonsmoking residents are exposed to THS in these homes.

The findings of the study indicate that THS accumulates in smokers’ homes and persists when smokers move out even after homes remain vacant for two months. When nonsmokers move into homes formerly occupied by smokers, they encounter indoor environments with THS polluted surfaces and dust. Results suggest that nonsmokers living in former smoker homes are exposed to THS in dust and on surfaces.

Of course, the seller is not legally obliged to disclose that his house has been smoked in, and it is his interest to get smoke smell out of the house before putting it on sale. And this will need some preparation and quite a lot of hard work. Professional cleaning of the entire house will be the best solution. However, there are some things you can do by yourself.

First, air the house out by opening the windows and letting fresh air in, then use a dehumidifier because moist air may hold heavy smoke smell. Clean all carpets with baking soda or vinegar, or other chemical odour-reducing products and then vacuum them.  If the smell is really serious, carpets may have to be removed or replaced entirely. Tobacco-specific nitrosamines and nitrous acid can cling to walls and other surfaces within the house. Invite some of your non-smoking friends to check if the smell is still there. If the smell persist, you will have no other choice than to repaint the walls and the ceilings.