Category : News Published : 22.05.2019

FUTURE PropTech-2019 London: Progressing the World of Real Estate

The world’s largest and most cutting edge property technology show was held on 13-14 May 2019, in London with over 2000 of the leading real estate players and innovators participating, and Pavel Hilman, Founder of Ready Property International, among them.

Delegates from 50+ countries gathered to exchange ideas, share common challenges and discuss solutions. More than 100 thought leaders from around the globe were participating as speakers sharing how technology is progressing the world of real estate, drawing on their own experiences. They were focused on the macroeconomic challenges facing the real estate industry and how technology is overcoming them.

World leading agenda covered 9 important themes:

  • Solving the Housing Crisis - What role can innovation play?
  • Technology for Investors & Developers
  • Trends in the Retail Sector
  • Facilities Management, Sustainability
  • Occupiers, Modern Workplaces & Tenant Experience,
  • The Impact of Technology on the real estate sector
  • Smart Buildings & Digital Twins
  • The Tech Enabled Brokerage
  • Smart Cities, Urban Mobility

The participants had a unique opportunity to learn how technology is enhancing profitability of property companies and discover opportunities to invest in the fast-growing PropTech sector. Also, a lot of innovations were presented which help estate agents in their day-to-day work.

This year’s event was jam-packed full of great talks, panels, and debates, and, as many participants have noticed, the discourse used throughout was more future-looking than ever before.

In general, in its fifth year, FUTURE PropTech has evolved from a practically underground event to a sprawling, must-attend conference of truly global significance.