Category : Rent Published : 25.03.2019

Top Tips for Tenants: Things to Clarify Before You Move In

Are you a first-time tenant looking for a home to rent in London? There’s nothing to worry about if you find experienced and trustworthy real estate agents for assistance. Ready Property agency will provide you with the full scope of rental services in the capital so that you move in fast and stress free.

However, a new survey of over 1,000 Britons involved in the UK private rental sector has revealed a shocking fact: 98% of Brits do not know their rights when it comes to tenancy deposits!

Therefore, before you sign the lease agreement and prepare to move in, make sure to clarify all aspects of your rental with your landlord, or with your agent working on his behalf.

Here are questions of major importance that you should ask your agent, or the landlord directly:

  1. When the rent is due?
  2. Is it the first of the month or any other date?
  3. How long the grace period is if you are late, and when rent increase, if any, is anticipated?

As a rule, the rent cannot go up for the duration of the lease term, but if you have a short-term rent, the landlord can increase the rent payment periodically if your lease allows it.

The next question you should address your landlord is how much is to move in?

Landlords often want payment in the amount more than just the 1st month rent when you move in. It’s a common situation when you will be required to pay the 1st and the last month’s rent, and do not forget about a security deposit which can be significantly higher if your credit is small or if the apartment is really good and of high demand. You might be able to move in sooner if you’re ready to pay upfront costs. Ask about all payments before taking a property so you don’t have to deal with any unexpected costs. Let your real estate agent negotiate these issues for you and have a total peace of mind.