Category : Rent Published : 13.03.2019

Make Your Landlord Happy: ‘Small Things’ Good Tenants Should Do 

Landlords in the UK have their own set of expectations concerning their tenants. If you are counting on long-term rental with the possibility of extension, then it would be a good idea to study the below property owners’ wish list. So, to become a perfect tenant in the eyes of your landlord, you should:

  • Pay rent on time – never a day late! Your landlord should never have to hunt you down and ask for your rent to be paid. 
  • Respond to landlord’s phone calls, text messages in good time. Be friendly and open.
  • Provide vacant property notification. When booking a holiday, notify your landlord of when the property would be unoccupied, as well as notify your neighbours and instruct them to contact the landlord in the event of an emergency.
  • Report the right repairs. Do not neglect small leaks even if they do not disturb your daily routine. Do not ignore the minor issues in your rental as they can quickly spiral out of control and make huge damages. 
  • Be flexible and allow access for repairs and maintenance providing several suitable days and times. This is especially useful when a tenant doesn’t have a flexible work-schedule while repairs need to be done.
  • Ask permission before undertaking any work, even if it’s just a small alteration that will improve the property, it is better to ask the landlord if he agrees.
  • Speak up! Let your landlord know if you’re having roommate or neighbor issues or if there’s some other issue that’s affecting you and your satisfaction with your living environment.
  • Treat the property like a home. Landlords want tenants who will take good care of their properties and leave them exactly as they found them. While normal wear and tear is acceptable, it’s on you to ensure that you do your part to keep the space in good condition. Invest in your home, even if it is a temporary home, and continually try to make it more comfortable.

Nothing on that list is out of the extraordinary. Any tenant can easily do everything on this list. However, many tenants don’t, and that’s why every landlord appreciates those small things so much. Meanwhile, making an effort to be a good tenant is in your best interest. It will make your tenancy go a whole lot smoother, and it will make your landlord much more likely to give you a good recommendation when it’s time to move on to your next rental.