Category : News Published : 02.10.2018

Tips for Students on Making a Temporary Home more Loved and Lived in

Entering University can be an exciting and also a stressful experience for any fresh-on-board student, especially entering a University in a foreign country with further relocation.

An alien, a legal alien in London

Yes, almost like Englishman in New York, you are an alien in London, and already homesick after a few days in a buzzy variety of the Big Smoke. But think about a brand new adventure awaiting for you far away from home as you immerse yourself in an unfamiliar multinational and multilingual culture. And also think about a bag load of independence that you might not have experienced before but you have it now with all of it whole lot of exciting opportunities and also learning to make independent and mature decisions.

Home, sweet shared home

The first of your mature decisions is moving in a rented flat or a shared house instead of a student hall. Finally, the independence you’ve been craving for years, is all yours!

If your budget allows for a separate rented apartment in London, this is a lucky ticket into a grown-up life. However, a shared accommodation seems not to be that bad if you are of an extravert type and much communication doesn’t bother you. But be careful when choosing your future housemates whom you might not met before, so having peace of mind that your new acquaintances are trustworthy people is important.

Add your personal touch

You are moving into your temporary home for the next nine months so it makes sense to make your own personal fingerprint on it, regardless you live alone or share home with other students. In any case, you will have your own space in the shared house and creating your own ‘home away from home’ environment will be a great way of feeling confident and secure.

As soon as you have moved in and found that the interior space is looking a bit weird or not so cosy as you would like it to be, here are some hints how you can amend it without investing too much money in property that does not belong to you.

Curtains first

Interior designers recommend, first of all, to buy new curtains, as well as some small decorative pillows to cheer up the sofa. Having these things you've chosen by yourself in fabrics, colours and patterns that are personal to you will always make a rented space feel more like your own.

Pictures and posters of your far away home and people you might miss are often not allowed by landlords to hang on the wall in order not to spoil them with holes. But there are plenty of other solutions! For example, a special picture ledge that can be bought in almost any furniture store. Here you can display your favourite prints and artwork with minimum holes in the walls. You can also use the no-hole picture hanging strips or picture rails, where you can hang and re-hang pictures to your heart's content.

However, keep in mind, that some landlords are extremely particular about what you're allowed to change, while others don't mind if you make a bit of an upgrade. In any case, it would be wise to ask your landlord first before starting any redesigning works.