Category : News Published : 25.09.2018

A Guide to Affordable Students’ Housing in London. The East End

Ready Property estate professionals offer students short- and long-term tailor-made accommodation services in every area of London. We provide students with housing conveniently located in close proximity to universities, colleges, and language schools in the area of study. In this series of articles, we will guide you through various areas of the capital where you can find affordable housing not far from your alma mater. Today, we are having a short glimpse of the East End of London.

From rags to riches

Back in the 20 th century, the East End was one of the poorest areas in the capital. Most houses were run down, whereas the surrounding infrastructure was underdeveloped and the crime rate was rather high, especially in Hackney. Known for their rough manners, people living in the East End were called ‘cockney’. Therefore, living in the East End has been considered low- grade for quite a long time. However, rentals in this area were quite inexpensive. Thus, many artists and creatives, as well as small businesses, set up here and boosted a change. Nowadays, South East London has undergone and is still in the process of massive development. Huge construction is occurring all around the area, and connoisseurs say that, when finished, East London will be more famous and classier than West London as the city moves East for property that is still cheaper than in other parts of the capital.

Rental prices on the rise

New developments have increased rental prices, and today the East End seems to be eye-wateringly costly. Nevertheless, decent deals on properties are still available. If you ask an experienced estate agent, he will advise you to begin your search in places like Canning Town and Barking where rentals are still affordable. There, you can rent a room in a shared house starting from £170 per week, whereas a one-bed flat will cost you some £270 per week on average.

Shops, clubs, and the best dim sum in town

Younger people, mostly singletons, are moving to this area attracted by reasonably priced homes, as compared to other parts of the capital, so the area is being gradually filled with the energy of youth. Businesses and new entertainment establishments are opening here to cater to their needs making the area more interesting and vibrant. If you are an admirer of the Asian cuisine, you will be surprised by the number of restaurants serving the original Asian food of any kind. Students, who study at the University of East London or in one of the colleges in this area, will eyewitness the process of East London turning into a thriving place and enjoying a boom in shops, nightclubs, pubs, etc. Thus, if you need an inexpensive (for London) accommodation in the atmosphere of creativity and non-conformism, look no further. South East London is the answer.