Category : Rent Published : 03.09.2018

Letting for the First Time: How Landlords Can Get Both Regular Income and Peace of Mind?

A long-term asset, buy-to-let property in London has been a good source of
regular monthly income for years, especially taking into account steady and
constant property price rise. Becoming a landlord in London is a decent
option because of the high capital appreciation from 14 to 17 per cent a year
within the last three years, experts say. In addition, you can enjoy quite good
rental yields as a tenant flow seems to be endless in the UK capital.

However, if you are going to let for the first time, you might not be aware of
the other sides of letting. Although financially rewarding, it can be quite
stressful without assistance of an experienced agent. Lack of estate market
knowledge can make you stumble at its hidden pitfalls.

According to statistics, 90 per cent of cases in the Landlord Tenant courts
consist of evictions of tenants, primarily for non-payment of rent. Damage to
property is among the top problems landlords face with tenants, and some
landlords had negative experience with tenants who wanted to obtain free

It takes much time and effort as well as nerves, to be honest, for landlords to
resolve these issues by themselves. Probably the hardest part of managing
everything by yourself is to keep up to date with ever-changing letting rules
and regulations. Therefore, it is much better to have a backup in the form of
assistance of a reputable and experienced letting agency to look after your
rental and ensure that your rights as a landlord are protected.

Why do you need Ready Property?

Ready Property provides exclusive management services to handle all
aspects of your tenancy. If you let us act on your behalf from the very
beginning, we shall do a free valuation of your home at first. It is crucial to
define a realistic market price of your property so that you get a fair income.
Then, we will market your home with the maximum exposure to tenants. We
will arrange viewings in the most convenient time for you, organise the tenant
referencing and do our best to protect your property from bad tenants. We will
check literally everything to make sure your home finds the tenant you want.
The one who would look after your property pay rents in a timely manner and
you as a landlord will have your regular income and peace of mind.

The property management service at Ready Property includes looking after
your rental, from inventory check and maintenance to all the necessary
repairs and filing insurance claims. With us, landlords can be sure that their
tenants are under scrupulous supervision. A pleasant bonus is that, unlike
other estate agencies, Ready Property does not charge administration fees.