Category : News Published : 03.09.2018

Live and Study: Top Districts for Student Rentals in London

A new academic year is coming soon boosting the rental market of the UK
capital as students from all over the world are rushing in their hectic desire to
find proper accommodation. It is a wise decision for students to start looking
for a place to live in advance. Late August and September are normally
marked with the increase of short-term rental rates. Long-term rental prices
remain mostly unchanged but many students may learn that finding good-
quality housing in the desired areas can be quite complicated due to its

What are the most popular London areas for student rentals? First, these
districts are located near universities and have good transport links to the
centre. Such districts as Woolwich, Deptford, Stratford, Streatham, and
Wembley are among the top areas for student’s comfortable living in London
with affordable rental rates that allow scholars with low budgets to reduce
their monthly expenses.

Single or crowded but still budget-friendly

Studios are quite small – up to 500 sq. ft. – units that have become
increasingly popular in the last decade among students who prefer living
alone and do not consider shared accommodation. According to Ready
Property estate specialists, an economical studio flat in student-friendly
districts will cost you some £230 per week. A decent option for singletons will
also be a one bedroom flat with a rental price around £280 per week in the
above areas.

However, if you do not mind a roommate, shared accommodation could be a
perfect option to save a significant amount of money. A two bedroom rental
rate in the popular districts is around £330 per week currently, and it will turn
out to be quite cheap if you split this price with your roommate or roommates.
They say, the more, the merrier. However, do not forget to inform your
landlord and the estate agency assisting you with your accommodation
search about the exact number of tenants who are going to live in the

Central only, please

Great cultural and historical heritage that allows you to feel the true spirit of
London, a well-developed entertainment infrastructure with local clubs and
pubs make luckier the students with thicker wallets that look for
accommodation not in the remote areas but in the very heart of the capital. If
you firmly decide that you do not want to live anywhere else but in Central
London, our estate experts will handpick a number of super-options in the
marvellous central districts such as Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Kensington, or any
other district up to your tastes and preferences. The smallest rental price you
will be charged in these districts is £350 per week for a studio flat.
Nevertheless, of course, it is worth it!