Category : News Published : 15.08.2018

UK real estate market fails to provide cost-friendly housing for students. But never give up searching for better options

Nowadays, the real estate market changes and develops at a rapid pace and the growing number of students is an integral part of its evolution. However, the current real estate environment fails to provide students with favourable property options and the prospects for improvement are not looking good. A plethora of real estate agencies and landlords eager to derive benefit from dealing with students in all possible ways make it difficult to find a decent bargain without overpayment as well as getting into trouble with documents and handling all the legal formalities.

Overpay for the world fame

Obviously, you start your search by googling “affordable London flats for students” and first you stumble upon, of course, globally known companies made famous all over the world by the marketing specialists. This apparently makes them trusted, so eventually you start thinking that their offer is probably the best option you can get. However, you never know the possible pitfalls such companies usually bring with them.

Among the most popular Google Search results, traditional real estate agencies do not provide property options as flexible as many students would prefer. For instance, if you are coming to London to study, you are going to stay there for 6-7 months and return home for holidays afterwards. This schedule is not typical for the majority of real estate agencies because rentals are usually provided for a minimum period of one year. Thus, you have to pay for additional five months that you might not even spend there. It does not make much sense, does it?

Total surprise in the long run

Let us consider some other equally popular online marketplaces and hospitality services. Such companies offer huge databases of landlords that provide their properties as rentals in a vast number of countries. On the face of it, everything seems convenient because you deal with a property owner directly. However, you do not get any assistance in handling housing problems, issues with neighbours and other difficulties that you will not be happy with.

Moreover, if you count the total expenses for seven months of renting using an online marketplace or a hospitality service, you will be quite surprised to find that in the long run the total sum overcomes renting for the same period of time using a traditional property agency. Obviously, it is absolutely futile to overpay for both extra months using a property agency and high monthly rent using an online marketplace.

Save your money and make the life easier

If you think that you may be in an endless circle, the life hack we are going to share with you may come in handy. A life hack from Ready Property enables you to rent a flat easily and fast and, thus, spend your time studying, partying with friends, travelling, save some money, and spend it on whatever you like, whether you are interested in trendy clothes or modern gadgets.

Our extensive research of the property market led us to believe that students do not get decent offers that meet their preferences. For this reason, a team of experts at Ready Property has come up with a life hack that is going to make students’ lives easier. Imagine that you could rent a flat for an academic term and pay less than when choosing any of the above options. Imagine that you could spend your time working, studying, or having fun with friends without thinking of handling annoying paperwork.

It sounds too good to be true but this is what Ready Property wants to offer you. Moreover, we take full responsibility not only for finding a flat that meets your preferences and expectations, the desired location and budget but also for dealing with all the legal formalities, as well as the paperwork. If you still have any doubts, check out our website and contact our manager to assure yourself that this is exactly what you are looking for.