Category : News Published : 21.12.2017

Student Rental in London – What You Need to Know

It’s not an easy task to rent a housing in London for a student due to huge competition and high prices. However, some relatively cheap options do exist.

Student Dormitory

This is the cheapest option, and you don’t have to deal with landlords or real estate agencies.

Top universities provide student halls with basic necessary furniture, access to the Internet and cleaning services. Sometimes universities offer student housing outside a campus. They can also cooperate with real estate agencies that find accommodation for students.

Normally, rooms in student halls are provided to first-year students only. Majority of older undergraduates live outside a campus.

University dorms are cheaper; they are usually located within a university campus.

Besides student halls that belong to universities, there are some private residences for students. Here, you can find young people who study in different universities. Private residences typically have better facilities and a wider range of location options but higher rental fees.

Some universities cooperate with landlords and help their students to resolve various issues connected with rent and protect their interests.

Shared Flat

Prices for shared housing vary. They depend on location and quality of living conditions.

Find Housing by Yourself

Students can also rent housing directly from an owner. Many universities also provide information on existing agencies in their region and proven owners who rent out their homes.


  • If you deal with a landlord directly, demand to sign a contract
  • Always arrange a viewing of a flat before signing an agreement
  • Don’t forget that you'll need to pay a deposit.


Many estate agencies help students with house rental. Agencies charge a fee for their services, however, it will help to avoid problems with a landlord or roommates in the long run. In order not to make some bitter mistakes, it is a wise decision to reach out to professional real estate agents.