Category : News Published : 18.10.2017

Rent in Camden – North London’s Alternative Hub

People often have the impression that London is a city full of old buildings and stuffy traditions. In some parts, that’s true. But people who want to let loose have their own place here, too.

The birthplace of British subculture and eternally rebellious in spirit, Camden has a lot to offer to renters looking for a property in a renowned part of north London. It may not have the same anarchic atmosphere that it had in the 70s and 80s, but Camden is still a place where alterative culture thrives – in live gigs, market stalls and the young crowd who go there.

People who go to Camden love the sense of freedom that is everywhere. There are extravagantly dressed people, artistic murals on buildings, unusual bars and cafes, piercing studios and stalls that sell merchandise from cult musicians.

Just north of central London, Camden sits in a comfortable location. It is easily accessible from central London by tube, bus or car.  

Renting a room or a flat here gives you the opportunity to spend your free time at a number of captivating local places:

Primrose Hill, the highest point of Regent's Park, has a marvellous view of the British capital.

At KERB Camden Market you can taste all kinds of street food from across the world. Don’t worry, you can also find burgers and fries in huge quantity here.

Regent’s Canal is a quiet and beautiful passageway to walk along or have a coffee, with many cafés and restaurants lining the waterside. You can also enjoy live music here. Very often musicians will play the songs of well-loved artists, such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, Amy Winehouse and more.

From the canal you can also take a boat trip to London's picturesque Little Venice.

It’s worth visiting the London Zoo, which is located near the centre of Camden. It was opened in 1828, which makes this zoo the oldest in the world. The London Zoo also has the largest collection of animals in the United Kingdom.

Camden Lock Market has a lot to offer those who love vintage clothing, craft jewellery and artwork.

Stables Market is another place to buy some extravagant clothes and accessories, as well as some fancy knickknacks. It is also a popular locale for buying second-hand clothes and vinyl records.

The gorgeous bridges in Camden Lock are good for walking along with friends or family.

As for rental prices in Camden, they are rather modest compared to the central parts of London. Camden is a great place to rent a room or a flat for fun-loving people who enjoy extravagant sites and a grungier lifestyle.