Category : News Published : 18.10.2017

Holidays in London: How to Find an Apartment for Rent

If you plan on coming to the British capital for a holiday, consider renting an apartment in the city centre. The majority of sights are centrally located, allowing you to save money on transport by exploring the city on foot. You can roam along stone streets of the old parts of London, passing the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Bridge and other spectacular attractions. The banks of the River Thames are perfect for walking with a family, especially if you travel with children. Enjoy an amazing view of the city, as well as its riverside attractions, including market stalls, the London Eye and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Before getting there, of course, you definitely need to rent a nice place to stay. It is a common mistake to think that rentals are only available through some popular hospitality sites like or Airbnb. There are many more options beyond this narrow pool. Real estate agencies can provide you with a wide variety of apartments to choose from, and sometimes the selection is much better and surely safer.

If you liaise with a landlord directly, tread carefully. Scammers often pretend to be landlords, taking money for properties that don’t exist.

How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers?

  • Search elsewhere on the Internet for the property you have found using both the pictures (Google Image Search) and description (Google Search). If you find it somewhere else under a different name and phone number, then you know what that means
  • Demand references from previous tenants. Give them a call!
  • Ask for deed of ownership
  • Search for potential landlords on social media. Reputable landlords will always have positive reviews from satisfied customers on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This will also serve to confirm the identity of the landlord.

When you do find a good property for rent, don’t rush to sign a lease agreement. You should study it very carefully, ensuring there are no hidden fees or charges that will cost you extra money.

Other tips

  • Be ready to pay a deposit, which can range from 10% to 50% of the overall rental cost
  • Check the location. It should suit you and your family and located close to the places you want to visit
  • Make sure the amenities meet your needs. Is there Internet access in the apartment? Is it a non-smoking flat? Is it accessible by stairs, or is there a lift?

Finally, it’s always better to turn to estate professionals to ensure a job is done right. Consult a real estate agency and let the experts bring you the perfect holiday home.