Category : News Published : 18.10.2017

Rental Websites Can Help You Find the Right Property in London

In an era where Google has the answer to everything, searching for suitable accommodation is easier than ever before. Property search engines have a huge variety of options – be it a mansion for £20 million, with private access to a river, or a one-bedroom houseboat for £13,000, moored by that same body of water.

Nevertheless, some search engines provide rather unique but helpful services. For example, there websites that arrange parties in London specifically for the purpose of finding a roommate. It’s a great way to meet people, find hidden opportunities and make sure you and your new flatmate have something in common.

Some websites take data from Facebook accounts, such as liked pages, work information and personal interests, and use it to find rental opportunities that match your profile. 

There are features that some people regard as non-negotiable when looking to rent or buy. For them, there are web resources that list properties, for example, on the waterside – homes by lakes, rivers, canals and the sea.

As of Ready Property and Ready Flats, these websites focus on luxury real estate. The properties listed here are all finished to a high standard, and make ideal homes for high-net-worth individuals happy to spend more to get more.

General pieces of advice

  • If you want to find a property on your own, without involving property agents, watch out for scammers. Don’t give your money to anybody before viewing a property and signing a lease. Be ready to confirm your income – landlords want proof that you can meet the financial commitments you’re signing up for.
  • If you’re planning to move into a shared flat, talk with your potential roommates in advance – they might have useful information about the property and what it’s like to live there.
  • Walk around the neighbouring area to see if you like it.