Category : News Published : 17.10.2017

Looking for a Room to Rent in London? We Have Some Tips for You

The London property market is unlike any other. Every day, hundreds of people are looking for a room to rent in London. They go to the British capital in search of a good job, high quality education, or a holiday break. London has always been a popular attraction for both UK residents and visitors from abroad. That’s why the demand on the property market is so high.

Once you have decided to rent an apartment in London, you should start your property search a couple of months before the move-in date. Searching for a rental in London is a time-consuming business, and the more effort you can put in, the more likely you are to make a good selection.

In London, the majority of rental agreements are conducted via real estate agencies. They will help you deal with the main issues that arise from finding and securing a property. Nevertheless, from your side, you should pay attention to the following details:

Tenancy agreement

Study your tenancy agreement very carefully. Find out what exactly you have to pay for in order to avoid hidden fees. Be sure to keep copies of all your bills.


If you’re planning to stay in a shared apartment, consider getting contents insurance to protect your belongings.


It isn’t just rent that’s expensive in London. The costs of food and transport can also add up. But you can control these expenses by choosing your location carefully. If you want to save money across the board, try areas closer to the edges of east London. Pay attention to whether there is a nearby tube station, a bus stop and a good supermarket.

You can also use Google Street View to inspect the neighbourhood.

Income confirmation

Be ready to evidence your income. If you don’t have a permanent source of income, real estate agencies and landlords will most likely ask you to prepay rent six months in advance.

Prepare a deposit

Deal only with agencies that use a deposit protection service approved by the government. Don’t forget to demand your deposit back at the end of your tenancy.