Category : News Published : 17.10.2017

Studio Flat vs. One-Bedroom Flat: What to Rent in London

Renters often search for a studio instead of a one-bedroom flat because the first option is cheaper. But what are the differences between them, and are the savings worth it?

Aside from the bedroom itself, a normal one-bedroom flat also has a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom – all separated. In some cases the kitchen and living room may be combined into what’s called an ‘open plan’ room, but this room is still distinct from the other rooms in the house. In a studio flat all these spaces are combined – there are no walls between the bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Now that we know basic differences between the two, we can consider the pros and cons of a studio.

As mentioned, the main advantage of a studio flat is the lower rental fee. You can also save some money on utilities because of the smaller area size and higher energy efficiency.

That said, often the savings are not significant enough to make up for the drawbacks of a studio flat.

Personal space

When you live in a studio, there is less privacy and less room available in which to spend a quiet moment alone.

To combat this, some studios come with half dividing walls to provide more privacy to tenants or their guests. In other flats these dividers can easily be added.

You can also solve the issue with folding partitions. They can have different creative themes and are available at most furniture shops.

Small size

Another serious disadvantage of a studio flat is probably obvious – the small size. This can create all kinds of difficulties, but it makes storage solutions particularly challenging. You should also think twice before buying new furniture for your studio. Will it fit?

Overall, a studio flat is the best choice for one or two people who want to save money on their rent. It has some downsides, but if you’re looking for the cheapest option, look no further.

The good news is that you can find studio flats for rent all over London, and Ready Property can help you pick the right one for you.