Category : News Published : 17.10.2017

Rooms for Rent: See What East London Has to Offer

The majority of people who want to save money search for room rental in east London. Traditionally, the East End of London is associated with the working class. The area brings to mind the horrific legends of Jack the Ripper, especially in the neighbourhood of Whitechapel, where he supposedly roamed. But nowadays these stereotypes mainly come from people who don’t know the area well. 

In reality, the East End has many desirable neighbourhoods, including areas where a number of wealthy individuals reside.

Since the last quarter of the 20th century, this part of London has started to shake its gloomy reputation. Modern restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops started to pop up at a frenzied pace, with regeneration taking over many east London areas.  Today the East End boasts notable cultural and commercial locations, including Canary Wharf and Stratford.

The East End is a very big part of London, so it’s worth picking a specific area that you might want to live. Make this choice carefully – the price range can vary wildly from area to area, but normally rental fees are lower around the edges of London.

Budget choices

  • Bexley
  • Havering
  • Greenwich

Here you can find rental properties for under £1,000 per month. Consider these areas if your top priority is saving money, but be warned that they come with serious disadvantages.


  • High crime rate
  • Lack of picturesque sights
  • Polluted air in some areas close to industrial lots

If your budget has more flexibility, better options can be found in neighbourhoods closer to the centre of London. For example, the housing boom in Stratford has led to a range of options for prospective renters.

If you’re thinking about east London, the best thing to do is consult a real estate agent. We can help you find a room and avoid common mistakes that renters make when finding a new home.