Category : News Published : 17.10.2017

Richmond – the Most Peaceful Part of London

If you’re tired of the downtown hustle, you might like the idea of renting a flat in Richmond – the most peaceful and picturesque place in London. Richmond is a suburb in London’s southwest, serenely situated on the bank of the Thames.

Richmond has an illustrious history. Since the Middle Ages, it has been home to English kings and queens and to other famous and important citizens, all drawn to the beautiful landscape, open spaces and fresh air that Richmond has to offer.

Richmond is a highly desirable part of London, which explains why real estate prices in the area are sky high. The quality of the homes is also a factor. In the 19th century, Richmond saw a wave of luxury housing, built in the Victorian and Georgion style. These homes, with their beautiful stucco work, persist to this day. The majority of them are architectural monuments now, especially those houses with direct access to the river.

Nevertheless, Richmond has plenty of new housing built in a traditional style as well, and renters will find plenty of homes available that are suited to their tastes.

Besides architectural beauty, Richmond is known for its amazing parks. Most popular among visitors is Richmond Park, which covers the bank of the Thames with gorgeous trees and provides a home for numerous deer, who roam freely and can be approached by visitors. Richmond Bridge boasts an impressive view of the Thames, allowing you to watch the various travellers taking a boat trip along the water.

Every year in June, the town hosts Richmond Jazz Festival, a popular event that is not to be missed for music lovers.

Richmond is far from the centre of London, and it has converted this distance into its greatest strength. Here you can retreat to pubs, cafes, restaurants, shops and supermarkets, as well as theatres and museums – all within the relative peace of this charming village.

And for those times when you want to enjoy the hubub of central London, there is a subway in Richmond, taking you to the heart of the city in around 30 minutes.