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3 Bedroom Flats For Sale

Looking for a 3 bedroom flat in London?

Are you intending to move to the big city in the nearest future? Thinking of the great opportunities a new place may offer? Or feasible obstacles that you may face on your way to moving? These are the right questions to ask yourself, but have you already decided on which city to move to? If you are still thinking, then have no doubt and choose the most desirable place to live in – London. It attracts millions of people every year because you will not find such a vast variety of job, work and culture opportunities anywhere else in the world. If you think that London is only suitable for a forward-minded youth, you are actually wrong. In the Big Smoke, everyone can find a niche. Whether you are searching for a terraced house, an old Victorian villa, a small studio in a modern skyscraper or a 3 bedroom apartment to buy in London, you will always find something to your liking.

Look for a location you would like to live in

No matter who you are – a banker, a hipster, a doctor or a homemaker with a big family – one of the most cosmopolitan and non-stereotypical parts of London that might suit you is South East London. It is the most popular location among young artists and media people because they had to leave other London areas due to the price increase. There, people also crowd for the astonishing bars and clubs such as Bussey Building, Bar Story and Peckham Springs, the newest boutiques and unique events. In addition, you still can find a bargain property here at a moderate price, while the transport junction is so convenient that you can get easily to Central London within the required timeframe. You may also check Greenwich as a nice and picturesque borough to live in because many people are looking for a 3 bedroom flat to buy in London’s leafy Royal Borough. If you study this borough, Greenwich has one of the most impressive parks in entire London, with a slump of green stretching around the imposing historical buildings.

Make a list of requirements

What is the most important for you in a flat you are looking to buy? Define the main criteria that would make your search easier. You may think that finding a 3 bedroom flat to buy in London is easy but it takes more time and effort than you could imagine. Consider the size of the apartment, its location and the amenities it may have. Make sure that there is a convenient traffic junction nearby allowing you to get to the city centre quickly. However, a flat located in close proximity to a tube station may be more expensive than a flat in a suburban area or flat located far from the public transport lanes. If you want to live in a countryside, finding a decent flat with all the amenities would be a brilliant option. Nevertheless, living closer to the city centre is important, so do not shun the options that other potential buyers try to avoid. Properties near noisy streets or residences with popular public places may frighten away but if you take a closer look and try to keep an open mind, this option can become a real bargain because the price of such a flat would be reduced due to the environmental disadvantages. Finally, choose a way of communicating with a property owner, whether you do it by yourself or with a help of an estate agent. An estate agent would save your time but it may cost you more than the original price of the property. Next, you have to view the properties you like and decide which of them meets your expectations. The final stage of a purchase process would be a purchase itself and signing all the agreements.